Monday, June 1, 2015

Photos and Stories from APS News

Here are some photos I took while working as a science writing intern at the American Physical Society. Each of these photos ran in their member newspaper, APS News.

The twenty members of the 2011 U.S. International Physics Olympiad team enjoy a rare moment of relaxation during their week-long intense training camp at the University of Maryland. Photo and story by Mary Catherine Adams. Read the full story in the July 2011 issue of APS News.

In December, about 150 physicists gathered at APS headquarters to sort abstracts for the 2011 March Meeting in Dallas. In the photo, Birgitta Whaley (UC Berkeley, left), David Rueda (Wayne State University, center) and Weigun Peng (George Washington University, right) forge ahead, undaunted by the more than 7500 abstracts that needed to be placed in sessions on the big board. Photo by Mary Catherine Adams. Originally appeared in the March 2011 issue of APS News.

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